Episode 3. The Muppet Show – Jim Nabors

It’s episode three of Muppetsational! On The Muppet Show, the Muppets meet Jim Nabors! And this week on the pod, Jade ponders Muppet eyes, Emma can’t say really weird rat and Lewis hates nepotism!

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Editor: Jade Turner
Theme Music: Peppy Pepe by Kevin MacLeod Peppy Pepe License
Artwork: Charlotte Rudge (Instagram: @Charlie_r_rudge)

Muppetsational! is The Muppet Show podcast hosted by three huge Muppet fans, Jade, Emma and Lewis. Join us each week as we dive into an episode of Jim Henson’s classic variety show, now finally available on Disney+. From sets and guests, capers and costumes to songs and skits, we’ll be covering everything – including our weekly MVMP (that’s our Most Valued Muppet Performer!).

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